Male Gaze

40 x 50 cm
Signed and numbered edition
Edition of 100

£ 135

  • White 40×50 frame(£ 220)
  • Black 40 x 50 frame(£ 220)
  • No frame(£ 135)

£ 135

  • Price with white frame: £ 220
  • Price with black frame: £ 220
  • Price with no frame: £ 135
Frame: No frame
No frame ( £ 135)

About the artwork

In a drawing resembling a vintage ad, Los Angeles illustrator Jeanette Getrost puts men in the foreground and women in the back—a nod to the unchanging nature of the way women are depicted in the media, and the unwanted male attention many face regularly.
 This activation is all about female identity and reclaiming the ways in which women are portrayed in art. How did this theme inform/inspire your work?
My work has a mid-century, classic feel to it so I wanted to create a piece that resembles a vintage ad because I don’t believe much has changed in the way that women are represented in media. In addition, the concept of a group of men gazing at women is really a social statement on how men view women generally. I often have conversations with women about how when you leave the house and are just going about your day it is likely that you will receive unwanted attention from men.
 What tools/mediums did you use to create your work?
Copic markers.
 How is this piece representative of your style—and what, if anything, sets it apart from your existing body of work?
I work predominantly in the fashion industry and I typically create stylized illustrations of groups of women in different outfits though the obvious difference here is that the women are pushed to the background with the intent of the men as the main focus.
 What message do you hope people will take from it? Or from this activation in general?
Knowledge can make all of the difference so I hope that this activation highlighting the Male Gaze will alter the way in which one has been conditioned to think, and all in all become more aware of the overall representation (or lack thereof) of women in the arts, society and media.

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About Jeanette Getrost

Jeanette creates magic with minimal brush strokes
“I aim to exaggerate and provide a sense of movement in all of my work, with nuances in line and splashes of colour.”

With the subtle and artful twist of a brush, illustrator Jeanette Getrost creates a fantasy world where the women are irresistibly charismatic, be...

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