Intergalactic Trade War XL

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£ 1.050

  • Price with white frame: £ 1.279
  • Price with black frame: £ 1.279
  • Price with no frame: £ 1.050
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No frame ( £ 1.050)

About the artwork

Against the backdrop of a Wall Street Journal from April 2019, while US President Donald Trump’s trade war with the world raged on, Lisa Törner shows two pieces of machinery that were synonymous with the two warring entities in the Star Wars movie franchise. Through the sky flies an X-wing fighter, synonymous with the Rebel Alliance, while two Imperial Walkers advance across a landscape. The artist seems to leave an open question: in the trade war, which party is the rebels, and which is the evil empire?

About Lisa Törner

Growing up in an artist's studio
“I am fascinated by animals, especially those who are not always considered beautiful.”

Lisa Törner lives and works in Stockholm and she practically grew up in an artist's studio. It is her father, the potter and illustrator Bernt Törner who inspired and encouraged her to paint al...

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