60 x 80 cm
Next edition no. 12 out of 100

£ 200

  • White 60×80 frame(£ 319)
  • Black 60×80 frame(£ 319)
  • No frame(£ 200)

£ 200

Frame: No frame
No frame ( £ 200)

About the artwork

This is from a series of works in which the infrastructure of the art business informs the pieces, which use imagery, recycled materials and readymades based on my experience as an art handler. In working closely with galleries and collectors, I’ve learned that this particular art world, or market, is dependent on so much more than the art and the artist.

This particular sign, which marks “this side up” on the boxes and crates that transport artworks, is the most common in the transportation of goods across the globe. It is connected to the context of Absolut Art, in which you can buy editions that are sent to your home in a cardboard box. In a broader sense, this icon could illustrate the current capitalist system, which is built upon globalization, i.e., shipping. Of course, some might see a gloomy or deadpan smiley face.

Superb paper quality

Our paper comes from centuries-old maker Hahnemühle FineArt, whose products have been used by countless artists throughout history

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Signed limited edition

These aren’t posters; they’re the same unique small-batch artworks that you’d find at a gallery

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Our frames

We use aluminum frames crafted in Germany by our premium supplier Halbe Rahmen

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About Max Ronnersjö

Max wants to connect
“Because people who do move the world forward.”

Max is an interdisciplinary artist interested in semiotics, nature and free content. Self described as a student, an ambassador and a social entrepreneur, he uses his iPhone to create drawings, Google to search for images and a mix of digital me...

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