What remains unsaid 2

By Eli Cortiñas

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What remains unsaid 2

What remains unsaid 2

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What remains unsaid 2 by Eli Cortiñas

About Eli Cortiñas

Eli reinterprets the mysteries of history

“The seemingly banal and non-banal are places of equal interest in my search for inspiration.”

Born on the Canary Islands of Spain, Eli Cortiñas previously studied art at the Academy of Media Arts in Germany and film at the European Film College in Denmark. Her work primarily looks to the past, and how history is re-written, re-enacted and re-composed. In this way, Cortiñas questions the way history is interpreted and understood in today’s setting. She has created a series of arrangements for Absolut Art, using objects from daily life. The eclectic placement of these elements are depicted in such a way that they don't seem recognisable after, and are portrayed with a deeply filmic and atmospheric aesthetic.