The Activist

Oh, to stand loud and proud together. Luminous colors, movement and light complement each other in honor of Pride month.

The Standout

Human to human. Monochromatic photography illuminates powerful silhouettes of women and floating figures, in a nod to our standout existence.

The People Watcher

The seduction of observation. Worlds collide and common superpowers are discovered as we watch ourselves and each other with some kind of bewilderment.

The Proud

A strictly formal collection for the self-proclaimed ostentatious. It’s all about posture and bold color in this series of living beings standing strong in their domain.

The Dreamer

Belly button gazing. Introspection, impotence and the city are front and center in this hypnotic homage to your dreams.

The Wanderer

An ode to Wes Anderson. Whimsical hand drawings, a cultural sketch and a variation on a world map take life on a fanciful new turn.

The Sophisticated

Pop and luxury, juxtaposed. Some Coco Chanel bottles are graffitied while another sits frozen in a bright and colorful homage to the iconic fragrance.

The Environmentalist

To see the world from their eyes. The natural beauty of the forest and ocean is juxtaposed with pollution and population as reality makes itself at home.

The Modernist

Strong lines and graphic forms. A glimpse of architecture is right at home with a vivacious collage in a strikingly cool collection of modernist nods.

The Seafarer

Is anything more mesmerizing or divisive than the ocean? A series of homages to the great body of water and the humans and cities that sidle it.