Girl and Window

By Ruvan Wijesooriya

50 x 70 cm
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Girl and Window by Ruvan Wijesooriya

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Girl and Window

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About Ruvan Wijesooriya

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Ruvan brings Nostalgia and Idealism to Life

“There has always been something artistic inside of me.”

NYC based photographer, Ruvan, takes you into a universe that is full of curiosity, beauty, and his signature idealism. Influenced by a nomadic upbringing as a child of Sri Lankan immigrants who joined the US Foreign Service, Stockholm left a particularly strong mark on Ruvan, prompting him to create a photography book in its honor entitled, “Sweden.” It’s impossible not to fall in love with Ruvan's analogue photographs. They accentuate the nostalgia and timelessness of fleeting moments, telling stories with an immediate, genuine, and curious voice. Beloved by many, works by Ruvan such as “Purple Dress” and “Girl out the Window” have been featured everywhere from the Foam Museum in Amsterdam, to the set of the TV show Gossip Girl, to prominent collections including that of Ed Ruscha. Ruvan’s captivating images will no doubt bring your walls to life.