New Born Study 2

By Antoine Renard

60 x 80 cm
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New Born Study 2 by Antoine Renard

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New Born Study 2

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About Antoine Renard

Antoine blatantly hits a raw nerve

“I often use catastrophic scenarios as a basis for my work.”

Berlin-based French artist, Antoine Renard, is often drawn to inspirations underlined by destruction and paranoia. His most recent fascinationm, as part of this running theme, is the series of Tianjin blasts that shook the landscape in September 2015. Renard channels much of this raw energy into spatial and digital works, all of which convey intensity and raw energy. Whether it is wrapping raw meat around a fluorescent tube or skydiving chunks of pork, he is concerned by the relationship between space, body and images. Renard created a series of three digital prints for Absolut Art, as part of a study that looks at the scans of new born babies.