Oliver Jeffers


Absolut Art is proud to offer a set of six prints from celebrated artist and author Oliver Jeffers, artworks that deal with urgent subjects like climate change and social divisions, but that do so with an endearingly light touch. His works represent topics such as social media and how it shapes our thinking; the ways that our view of our world is determined by representations of the world; and the fact that we have just one Earth to live on.

“It seems the more we have access to knowledge, the more we shake our heads, and the less we seem to know,” says the artist. “The more we work to fix our societies, the more we see how many things are wrong.” Speaking of his commentaries on modern life, he points out that “While subjects can be as serious as they get, verbal play and playfulness is a key element to these observations.”

Jeffers’ critically acclaimed picture books have been translated into over forty languages, selling over ten million copies worldwide. His original artwork has been exhibited at New York’s Brooklyn Museum, Dublin’s Irish Museum of Modern Art, London’s National Portrait Gallery and Vienna’s Palais Auersperg.

*Oliver Jeffers has generously donated all of his artist fee, paid by Absolut Art, to Amplifier.org