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Welcome to Absolut Art!

From discovering the perfect artwork to displaying it with ease, we help you upgrade your walls with curated contemporary art from around the world. Seamless for you, sustainable for artists, and fun for all.

Because art > white walls.

Why we do what we do

“I love the bottle design. I want to do something with it.” - Andy Warhol

In 1986 those words sparked a relationship between Warhol and a little known Swedish brand called Absolut Vodka. The bottle’s iconic Swedish design inspired over 600 artist collaborations in the 30 years that followed, casting the brand into the public consciousness. Jean-Michelle Basquiat, David Bowie, and Damien Hirst all joined the Absolut family. After 30 years of collaborating with greats, we’re now on a mission to help you upgrade your walls with contemporary art from around the world.

How we do what we do

Our small-but-mighty team hits the streets with expert curators, exploring cities like LA, Berlin, and Havana to handpick local artists for you to collect. By working directly with artists, we secure iconic pieces at accessible price points. In other words: expert curation without the markup. Explore the world's art scenes and choose from over 200 curated limited-edition artworks. Each one is signed and numbered by the artist who enjoys 50% of art profits.

Discovery to display

From discovery to display, we're believers that bringing beauty into your life should be as seamless as it is inspiring. We use three decades worth of Swedish design heritage and art world connections to source art from international art scenes and create a shopping experience informed by Swedish design. Find your favourite artworks (try making a gallery wall with our WallSmart tool!) and we’ll ship them within 48hrs, direct to your door, framed and ready to enjoy.

Say hi!

Help is always on hand. Need a tie-break between two artworks? A restaurant recommendation in one of the cities we showcase? Chat with our team, anytime. We're here to help. (And we love to.)

Thanks for reading.

Now go forth and #UpgradeYourWalls!


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