Absolut Art x Coco and Breezy

At Absolut Art, we celebrate Black artists and voices all year long. To amplify the work of our Black collaborators this February in honor of Black History Month, we partnered with founders, DJs, and producers Coco and Breezy to curate a small selection of artworks on Absolut Art that are meaningful to them.

“This is a curation of three pieces from the collection at Absolut Art that we feel a strong connection to us as individuals and to our story as Black Women living in America.”
—Coco and Breezy.

We enjoy Shantell Martin’s approach to creativity. Her beautiful, fluid, minimal lines are paired with extremely powerful messages in this piece. We selected this work because we relate to its “push through” message. Pushing through procrastination, pushing through challenges, life and breaking the inherited curses to change the narrative in our families.

We selected this piece by Tiff Massey because Black hair is highly misunderstood by others who don’t have our hair texture. People see our naturally beautiful, coily hair and feel obligated to touch it, but little do they know it took hours and sometimes days of work. It’s actually rude to touch one’s hair without asking. This piece emphasizes to people that you need consent to touch one’s hair.

When we first saw this piece, the first thing we thought was that it was paying homage to our ancestors. The name of the piece “OG President Obama,” also stood out to us. There is something very powerful about seeing Obama redressed in African prints with details specific to his identity included in the print.