Absolut Art is thrilled to announce a collaboration with COOL HUNTING on a curated presentation of artworks that celebrate a world of greenery. An award-winning independent publication and our go-to for today’s most up to date cultural zeitgeist, COOL HUNTING uncovers the latest intersections of design, culture and technology.

We’ve brought together works by five artists — Jasjyot Singh Hans, Hannah Rosa Lewis-Lopes, Kathryn Macnaughton, Andy Mister, and Carissa Potter — that take on the subject of the natural world. After a year spent largely indoors, many of us found solace in cultivating gardens, escaping into nature, or tirelessly tending to our houseplants. Whether in gardens or the wilderness, the world’s flora have given us, both literally and figuratively, air to breathe. Whether you’re a green-thumb, or you’ve never had a particular knack for plant care, this curation of works allows us all to take pleasure in the serenity of a natural environment.

Singh Hans’s print shows a proud plant parent bringing home the newest green member of the family. Lewis-Lopes’s work was shot in New York in the last moments before the pandemic lockdown; it is based on a classic art form, the “vanitas” flower still life, which reminds us that all life is fleeting. Macnaughton’s contribution, meanwhile, brings a collage aesthetic to still life, as well as an unexpected palette. Mister’s print also uses flowers to broach a difficult subject: humankind’s not-so-healthy relationship with nature. Potter’s more upbeat works focus on the joy that flowers can bring into our lives, and the simple beauty they can stand for in art.

In honor of Singh Hans, Absolut Art has made a $1,000 donation to India’s Hemkunt Foundation, which is bringing much needed oxygen supplies to COVID patients; in honor of Lewis-Lopes, Macnaughton, Mister, and Potter, Absolut Art has made a donation of $500 per artist to Extinction Rebellion, a movement working to persuade governments to act on the climate emergency.