Emergency on Planet Earth

Absolut Art is thrilled to offer artworks by two of today’s most exciting practitioners, both part of an urgent exhibition in Los Angeles: “Emergency on Planet Earth: A Time Close to Now.” Absolut Art is the exclusive print partner for the ecologically themed exhibition, which is organized by UTA Artist Space, a Los Angeles venue for showcasing global talent and new work founded by United Talent Agency, one of the world’s leading talent and entertainment companies.

With a combination of video, painting, photography, and prints, “Emergency on Planet Earth” is an immersive, multi-sensory exhibition that addresses the human impact on our environment, which is arguably one of the most pressing and salient issues of our time. Each artist speaks to a different natural element: space, fire, water, air, and the human being. The exhibition includes Parker and Clayton Calvert, Manny Castro, Todd DiCiurcio, Daniel Fuller, Iva Gueorguieva, Heather Haynes, Jamiroquai, Glenn Kaino, Jason Nichols and Felipe Griebel, Ellen Page, Rob Reynolds, Toni Scott, Ai Weiwei, and Nathan Wong, and the exhibition is on view through October 31.

The first print, One Crisis at a Time, which speaks to all the natural elements, is by Glenn Kaino, who transforms conventional materials and forms through a process of working that mobilizes the languages, logics, and economies of other creative disciplines as raw elements in artistic production. For this exhibition, Kaino has created a new work in which he uses discarded wood from protest signs and water vapor from the tears of protesters to create the illusion of fire. The work is made from fragments of language taken from the history of protest slogans that have been carved into wood, reminiscent of sign-posts, and then burned. These components are then re-assembled into various works that each become a form of intersectional poetry created from one and two word lines that each invoke the memory of its originating phrase, but joining together to create a new, collective meaning.

The second print is part of an ongoing series of black paintings that Rob Reynolds has been making since 2016, Earthrise #1 refers to the Spring 1969 issue of Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog, which featured a photograph taken by William Anders from on board the Apollo 8 space mission in December of 1968, which came to be known as Earthrise. This painting refers both to historical Color Field painting and the power of ecology as a concept that informs human awareness.