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Gallery Steinsland Berliner was conceived in 2008 by Jeanette Steinsland and Jacob Kampp Berliner. Its prior intent was to showcase and present emerging as well as established artists. They constantly strive to promote their artists internationally, while taking a high level of pride in incorporating all aspects within the art world from performance to paintings. Additionally, GSB takes part in the on-going socio-political discussions appearing on the art scene.

Works from Gallery Steinsland Berliner

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  1. Artwork Stjärnorna föllo ned och himmelen vek undan by Danilo Stankovic Stjärnorna föllo ned och himmelen vek undan
  2. Artwork Bog Goblin by Danilo Stankovic Bog Goblin
  3. Artwork Snake Drawing by Ragnar Persson Snake Drawing
  4. Artwork Collage Drawing by Ragnar Persson Collage Drawing
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