Meet the artist

Alexander Lervik

The fine art of emotion, illustrated

“I am convinced that experimenting with art makes me a better product designer"

From chairs to cutlery, elevators to watches, Alexander Lervik’s globally celebrated career in product design has spanned 20 years. While innovation is the core of the Swede’s thought and heart-provoking work, really his designs are characterized by a great depth of emotions: humor, passion, intensity and unruliness. Unafraid to dip into dark corners of the human psyche, Alexander likes to play with existentialist notions, like-- how do you create a lamp that gives darkness? And he thrives on finding solutions. For Absolut Art, Alexander invented HangSmart: a practical art hanging device.

His works, whether exhibited in museums across the globe or distributed by his Scandinavian-made design label Tingest, are all created with the help of emotional allies. Alexander’s April 2018 exhibition at Kulturhuset Stockholm, aptly titled “Inside the Head of Alexander Lervik”, showcases exactly this: every product he has ever designed and the feelings he poured into them, in an honest exploration of art as a process. As part of this exhibition, Alexander teamed up with Absolut Art to create his first ever illustrations of his famed designs.