Ali Kepenek
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Ali is the outsider with the inside scoop

“I have always considered myself to be an outcast, which is why I toy with this idea of outsiders or people who are considered different.”

When he isn’t shuttling between London and Berlin, photographer Ali Kepenek scouts for subjects that, as he describes, other photographers tend to run away from. This passion for the peculiar and perverse is found in the wide range of subjects that grace his lens: punks, beauty queens, bikers and body builders. This Turkish photographer is also not shy of blatantly manipulating his photography subjects, both during and post production phase. The result is a distorted and sometimes disturbing visual reality that will arrest viewers, opening their eyes to a new way of seeing the world. For Absolut Art, Kepenek created “Adam and Adele” to break down negative stereotypes surrounding Muslim women, in the hopes of showing the potent, complex and exciting interaction between fashion and religion.