Meet the artist

Amy Yao

Amy lives on the fringe

“For my submission, I was interested in the compression of information, which mirrors the compressed layers of material and chemicals in the folding handheld fan.”

With an MFA in sculpture from Yale University, Amy Yao encourages viewers to examine conditions of identity and information through their encounters with objects and images. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Yao moved to the east coast and later to Arizona for a few years before her return to her birthplace. Yao has exhibited at places like 47 Canal, New York; Indipendenza, Rome; PS1/MoMA, New York; New Jersey, Basel, Switzerland; and He Xiang Art Museum, Shenzhen, China. For Absolut Art, she has created variations of images she made for a previous project entitled "Silent Sneeze". The submission is made of an amalgamation of images, including photographs, digital images, and bits of texts imposed onto folding handheld fans.