Meet the artist

Clemence de la Tour du Pin

Clémence revels in carnal delight

“My work witnesses the eternal return of the real in which bodies are murdered, cannibalised, shaped, altered and manipulated in a seemingly unstoppable process.”

Sifting through the recesses of cyberspace, Clémence de La Tour du Pin collects and remixes random photographic material, such as metal chains, stones, organic plants and paper to create works in sculpture, print and scent. Her work primarily explores the carnal objectivity of the human body– found in advertisements, pornography, cyber-technological control, and the various ways people alter and manipulate their bodies. La Tour du Pin has created two works for Absolut Art. The first is a re-interpretation of a sharing document from a cannibal killer, whilst the second is a paper reproduction from a metal diptych series.