Hansjörg Schneider
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Hansjörg is the paper perfectionist

“My series of paper cut-outs can be seen as an attempt to build bridges between art and architecture.”

Originally trained in drawing and printmaking at Germany’s Muthesius University and at London’s Central School of Art and Design, Hansjörg Schneider creates large-scale architectural paper cut-outs. Schneifer’s first foray into this practise began with a series of famous modernist buildings that he would replicate in paper form. Since then, he has developed the endeavour into a long-term passion, combining the experience of architecture, town planning and cartography with the paper form. A series of three prints entitled “Minor Roads” were created for Absolut Art. Schneider produced them by cutting and tearing paper in a sketchbook, resulting in images that could be identified as abstract topography diagrams and landscapes.