Meet the artist

Marten Elder

Marten is unafraid to show his true colours

"Rethinking of the digital camera's capture can result in an image that is arguably more documentary, despite its incongruous relationship with the way we are conditioned to think the world looks."

Working with a digital camera and manipulating its sensor, Marten Elder creates intensely colourful photographs. He experiments with different ways of looking at the world, and is most recently inspired by modernist photographers and their treatment of the camera and new technology. Elder received his BA from Bard College in 2008, before earning his MFA at the University of California Los Angeles. His work have recently been exhibited in solo shows at Tif Sigfrids in Los Angeles and Equinox Gallery in Vancouver as well as group exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery and Arturo Bandini. For Absolut Art, Elder has once again looked at colour and more specifically, at how a monochromatic green surface can reflect a variety of other hues.