Stef Heidhues
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Stef disputes the status quo

“My approach is not a constructive one, but rather a responsive one. I react to the world around me.”

Asking questions is central to the creative process of artist Stef Heidhues. For this Washington-born artist, questions about assumptions, expectations and truths about society are a well of ideas and dialogue. In particular, she is interested in urban society: its appearance, its flaws and disturbances, and its margins and voids. Wastelands, construction sites and garbage dumps, as well as physical, political or social boundaries all serve as starting points for Heidhues’ research. Heidhues’ submission for Absolut Art revolves around the collaging process. The process allows her to react to an image or the layout of a page instead of creating something from scratch. By using a scalpel, spray paint, and digital editing software, the work is manipulated with both analogue and digital techniques.