Adam Green

Elmo’s face supplies a symbolic alphabet

“Everybody wears diapers, even Picasso”

Adam Green is a triple threat: a musician who formed one half of the anti-folk stalwarts Moldy Peaches (if you didn’t know them in early-aughts New York, you might have heard their music in the feature film Juno), an artist who has shown his artwork at venues from Stockholm to New York, and a filmmaker whose 2011 debut release, The Wrong Ferarri (sic), was shot entirely on his iPhone. Moldy Peaches are known for off-color hits like “Downloading Porn With Davo” and “Who’s Got the Crack,” while Green’s artwork draws equally on historical expressionist painting, the geometric modernism of De Stijl, and a cartoon aesthetic.

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Adam Green: Everybody Wears Diapers, Even Picasso

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