Anders Romare

The poignant feel of a lost era


“I transform pictures of everyday scenes or desolate spaces into veritable dreamscapes”

Original photographs from the 1940s and 50s inform Anders Romare’s dreamy watercolor paintings that explore light against darkness. From family photos to the memories of strangers, the Swedish artist reimagines the emotions and the symbolism of time caught in a moment. Wartime images and pictures from sunny holidays by the sea are all reinterpreted by Anders in an enigmatic, abstract universe painted on canvas. Anders’ studio is dimly lit, and this is no mistake: he likes to surprise himself with the nuance of his colors and shades.

Anders began his career in Sweden and spent time in Finland and Germany, before gravitating back home. His work has been widely exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Sweden, and he has gained both residencies and grants across Europe.