André Saraiva

Bringing graffiti’s spirit to chic nightlife spots

“A lifelong art project, approached with a wink”

Typically known simply as André, the multitalented André Saraiva embarked on a storied run as a graffiti artist when he was eighteen years old, drawing a winking stick figure in a top hat with a maniacal grin, a character he calls Mr. A. Testifying to his status in the graffiti community, he appeared in Banksy’s instant classic 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop; he opened a concept store at the highbrow Paris art venue Palais de Tokyo; and street art connoisseur Jeffrey Deitch included him in his newsmaking 2011 “Art of the Streets” exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Not content just to make his mark with graffiti, Andre has also run nightclubs all over the world and collaborated with Louis Vuitton on scarves, with Bally on boots, and with Uniqlo on T-shirts.