BUCKLEY (1989, California) is a visual philosopher. She works in several disciplines, including: drawings, paintings, sculpture, dance, poetry, workshops, and experiential events. Each medium allows her a different dialect to study and discuss values of an enlightened tribal society. A synthesis of modern voicing and ancient forms, Buckley’s works traverse the symbolic and timeless experiences of self, prompting conscious contemplation of inner life.

Notable lifestyle and technology brands have commissioned and carried her works, including Adidas, Google/YouTube, Warby Parker, Nike, Starbucks and more. As well as public painting commissions by the City of San Francisco and historic theater district of Downtown Los Angeles. Buckley has taught workshops on automatic creativity and accessing flow states across the US, most recently at The Baltimore Museum of Art on an invitation from The American Craft Council.

Portrait photo credit: Monica Reyes (@sheismoonreyes)

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Buckley: A Quest for Completeness

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