Carly Kuhn

United States

Carly brings a quirky edge to the fashion world

Carly Kuhn, aka The Cartorialist, is an artist whose work is sophisticated yet also whimsical and fun. This should come as no surprise, given Kuhn’s previous career in television comedy, which has influenced her unique and raw artistic style. Her work is often lighthearted and minimal, but the magic of Kuhn’s work lies in her ability to gracefully turn the subtle and ordinary into the alluring and evocative. Carly’s work encourages us to look differently at what’s around us and take notice. It’s a style and sensibility that marries the realness of New York (where she grew up) with the ease of California (where she lives now), an aesthetic that informs her life and everything she touches. Her limited edition prints for Absolut Art represent some of her favorite fashion inspired pieces along with a few others that embody a delightfully unexpected feeling she hopes will resonate in your own home.