Clara Hallencreutz

Beauty and horror, recontextualized


“I work to create art simply; driven by a sense of joy, lust, and energy”

Clara Hallencreutz has mastered the art of recontextualization in the most joyful way imaginable. A gun made from colorful candy, or flowers frozen in a Chanel bottle cast; she plays with universal triggers as she asks us to look a little differently at everyday objects. The Swedish born artist is fascinated by fantasy and the immense expressive capacity of color, using them to provoke new interpretations both subjective and universally relatable. Her work deliberately reconsiders new contexts for the things we thought we were familiar with; a glance from a brand new and often comical perspective.

It’s delight, lust and energy that drive her work and that vitality has been recognized and rewarded globally. Clara has been exhibited everywhere from Europe to the US, Asia to Australia. Her pieces can be found at Mouche Gallery in Los Angeles, Opera Gallery in London and Galleri GKM in Sweden.