Arms Disarmed – Banana

19.7" x 27.6"
Signed and numbered edition, e.g:
Edition of 60

$ 445

  • Black 50×70 frame($ 554)
  • White 50×70 frame($ 554)
  • No frame($ 445)

$ 445

  • Price with black frame: $ 554
  • Price with white frame: $ 554
  • Price with no frame: $ 445
Frame: No frame
No frame ( $ 445)

About the artwork

Stick ‘em up and take a bite. Clara Hallencreutz’s Arms Disarmed–Banana offers a wry commentary on a hotly disputed object. Especially in the US, where mass shootings, particularly in schools, are a painfully divisive subject, Hallencreutz’s image of a banana morphing into a revolver asks an implicit question: Should weapons be as accessible as a supermarket commodity? The bright color seems to disarm the weapon—which apparently can shoot only the yellow paint that dribbles out of the barrel.

Superb paper quality

Our paper comes from centuries-old maker Hahnemühle FineArt, whose products have been used by countless artists throughout history

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Signed limited edition

These aren’t posters; they’re the same unique small-batch artworks that you’d find at a gallery

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Our frames

We use aluminum frames crafted in Germany by our premium supplier Halbe Rahmen

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About Clara Hallencreutz

Beauty and horror, recontextualized

“I work to create art simply; driven by a sense of joy, lust, and energy"

Clara Hallencreutz has mastered the art of recontextualization in the most joyful way imaginable. A gun made from colorful candy, or flowers frozen in a Chanel bottle cast; she plays with universal triggers as she asks us to look a little di...

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