Curtis Kulig

United states

Love in cursive

“A reminder for everyone to live their truth and love who they are”

It was over a decade ago that Curtis Kulig’s emotionally driven graffiti tag began to catch the eye of his fellow New Yorkers. Love Me was appearing on street walls everywhere, in various incarnations. A loyal audience embraced the impulsive manifesto until it became the artist’s signature campaign and part of the urban fabric of the city.

Those same two words have since been spotted scrawled on street walls across the globe, from Paris to Istanbul, Los Angeles to Berlin. Now the declaration can also be found on canvases, metal sculptures and fluid neons. It marks the essence of Curtis’ mission as an artist to create art around vulnerability and rawness. For Absolut Art, Curtis celebrates the LGBTQ community with a loud, neon take on his Love Me signature inspired by the bright colors of the Pride flag. Curtis has spread the love with multiple collaborations, teaming up with the likes of GQ, Vans, DKNY and more.