Rebel Rebel

24" x 31"
Signed and numbered edition, e.g:
Edition of 10

$ 2,400

  • Black frame($ 2,489)
  • White frame($ 2,489)
  • No frame($ 2,400)

$ 2,400

  • Price with Black frame: $ 2,489
  • Price with White frame: $ 2,489
  • Price with no frame: $ 2,400
Frame: No frame
No frame ($ 2,400)

About the artwork

A limited edition 3D rendering on archival paper.

Artist Statement:
In some ways, we live in an artificial reality, where custom color clouds come as no surprise. They’re part of our new, infinite environment of swiping right and swapping out, fueling the emotional hues and neons, as something perfectly natural.
While there’s an “ism” for each and all, the post-post modern has a canonized language, a collection of everything to choose from, leaving pieces of the past to linger like a light smoke in the contemporary.
The accumulated eighties-style pastel cloud manifests itself over an inner beach, but rains on no one. A biochemical hack, it’s an electrified, anarchist element; fake and surreal simultaneously, but rendered photo-realistically.

Artwork available at Absolut Art courtesy of Jenn Singer Gallery.

David Stenbeck has generously donated his artist fee, paid by Absolut Art, to The Equal Justice Initiative.

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About David Stenbeck

David Stenbeck (aka @dovneon) is a digital artist specializing in Cinema 4D renderings of three-dimensional scenes using volumetric material, caustic refraction and synthetic light. Stenbeck’s background includes a career as a published poet, editor and literary critic. Stenbeck’s artwork has been featured in internati...

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