Eric Yahnker

Examining the surreal quality of our moment, with precision

“How do you say, ‘I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me’ in Russian?’”

California-born artist Eric Yahnker examines popular culture and politics in precisely drawn pencil drawings that, as he put it in a statement for an exhibition at New York gallery The Hole, “metaphorically encapsulate the state of our union; its hopes, fears, desires and mind-bending surreality come to life.” For that show, he offered tart commentary on selfie culture and current events, including Andy Warhol shooting a self-portrait with an iPhone, Ivanka Trump reading a CliffsNotes version of Crime and Punishment, and a drawing dubbed Zump, which put the hair of the president on the face of the Facebook founder.

After studying journalism at USC, Yahnker earned a BFA in animation. He created animations for major television shows, including Seinfeld, South Park, and MADtv, and then redirected his efforts toward a career as an artist. Yahnker has had solo exhibitions at The Hole in New York, Ambach & Rice and Zevitas Marcus in Los Angeles, Paradise Row in London, and Jeanroch Dard in Paris. He has been tapped for group exhibitions at venues like Brand New Gallery in Milan, M+B in Los Angeles, the Torrance Art Museum in Texas, and Galerie Ampersand in Cologne.

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