Humanity sitting in proximity to nature

Works rooted in oriental culture and exploration of human nature

In Chengdu, population and economic growth have increased at a rate faster than the residents and the environment can keep up with, visible in both its congestion and pollution.

Fansack is one of a handful of activist artists in Chengdu’s graffiti community, who has worked to establish a reputation as one of the most important artists in the city. Her work shines a light on the beauty of the relationship between humanity and our natural surroundings, bringing it to life in his vision of a better tomorrow.

For every limited-edition sold, we’re proud to donate all profits to support a workshop of Fansack’s design in collaboration with the A4 centre in Chengdu. The A4 Centre is committed to promoting contemporary Chinese art, boosting the development of urban culture and art to effectively enhance cultural and artistic exchange.

Fansack will lead workshop in 3D sculpting using recycled materials to encourage participants to engage in the topic of waste production and question their contribution to it in a creative way.