Fay Ray

United States

Fay explores the female psychological appetite

“Los Angeles allows me to stay true to my core beliefs and to live life as I prefer, whilst also allowing me to continually transform myself.”

With work that is based in photography and sculpture, Fay Ray creates art pieces that fall along themes such as object-fetishism, ritualised behaviours and female identity construction. In doing so, she creates pieces that create anxiety, enticement, longing and rejection. Based in Southern California, Ray is also heavily influenced by Surrealism, psychoanalysis and fashion photography.
Ray has created an image entitled “Speckled Dome and Snake Spine” for Absolut Art. The image was taken out of a series of black and white collages she had made earlier this year, and comprises of photographs of clay and paint textures, studio shoots with models, and herself. Ray has previously held solo exhibitions in settings like the Samuel Freeman Gallery, Light & Wire Gallery and Honor Fraser Gallery.