Frog King

Hong Kong

A live body installation!

“It’s our original first nature to use our bodies”

Have you been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Frog King? You’d know, because you’d be a walking grin. Frog King and his work are harmony and happiness manifested. The Hong Kong based artist’s delightfully astonishing works encompass performance, installation, sculpture, painting and photography. He works with ink, found objects and even food to create not just pieces but an entire ecosystem of art and costume. In Frog King’s words, he’s a “live body installation!”

A whip of the brush or a spray from the mouth; his “one second ink” works for Absolut Art are a glorious response to the speedy digital world.

Hong Kong is home for Frog King, who turned 70 this year. He spent 15 years reveling in New York’s art scene in the 80s and 90s before gravitating back home. His 40-year contribution to the art world is widely recognized, as are his ever-changing self-created eyeglasses. Frog King’s works have been exhibited over 3,000 times in Bangkok, Beijing, Melbourne, Toronto, Berlin, Denmark, Hong Kong, London, Macau, New York, Paris, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

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