Giovanni Garcia-Fenech

Giovanni Garcia-Fenech is a New York-based painter whose work has been exhibited at esteemed New York galleries like Postmasters as well as institutions like White Columns and PS1 Contemporary Arts Center. His work has also appeared at international venues like Embajada gallery in Puerto Rico and the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik. Critics have taken note of his work in publications like Artforum, T Magazine, and Corriere della Sera, and Jerry Saltz wrote about him in New York Magazine. Garcia-Fenech is also a writer himself, whose words have appeared in major magazines like Wired, Artforum, and Art in America.

The subjects in his paintings may fluctuate from abstract to figurative and back again, but the foundations remain the same: improvised composition, a tightly restricted palette, close attention to negative space, and a delight in flow.

In his “widow” paintings, black curved silhouettes simultaneously suggest mourning and despair or celebration and sensuality. The series reveals the artist’s recurring mélange of interests: classic modernism, medieval illumination, Pre-Columbian pottery, and Islamic art.