Gregor Hildebrandt


Gregor’s art is music to our ears

“My fascinations are my occupations: art, music and a lot of random observations. The goal is to do something that is driven by longing.”

Cassette tapes are a key motif in Gregor Hildebrandt’s work. He records music on them, before glueing or using the tapes on canvas, photographic prints and room-sized installations. By using these storage devices, Hildebrandt creates a wonderful contrast: one where the end result is black, monochrome and minimal in sight, but filled with music and wondrous sounds that are invisible to the naked eye.
Another key theme in Hildebrandt’s work is mirrors, for which the artist has created two photos for Absolut Art. The images capture an object or person that is reflected in the mirror, with the focus on the medium rather than the actual reflection.