Hannah Whitaker

United States

This magical imaginary space inhabited by a photo

“I like repetition, re-casting the artist as a kind of automation”

Photographs of anonymous bodies that can be read in multiple different ways. New York based artist Hannah Whitaker is perpetually asking questions in her bright, bold and colorful exploration of digital visual culture. A subject buried in competing visual stimuli, an overly perfect physical ideal, a lo-fi clip art graphic or a worker engaged in repetitive motions; it’s all an ode to the subjectivity of looking.

That, and the beauty of her medium. Hannah shoots on 4×5 film and it’s the intricacy of her technique that sets her apart. She sketches shapes, then cuts them out and inserts them into her camera during exposure. The result is a dynamic, multi-layered image that challenges the limitations of photography. The artist, who is also a prolific writer, is inspired not only by fellow artists but also sci-fi tropes, the wonder of graphic design and the visual history of computing. Her work, which is all created in her beloved New York City, has been exhibited at the city’s Marinaro, M+B and Thierry Goldberg as well as Paris’ Galerie Christophe Gaillard and beyond.