23.6" x 31.5"
Signed and numbered edition, e.g:
Edition of 25

$ 395

  • Black frame($ 524)
  • White frame($ 524)
  • No frame($ 395)

$ 395

  • Price with Black frame: $ 524
  • Price with White frame: $ 524
  • Price with no frame: $ 395
Frame: No frame
No frame ($ 395)

About the artwork

I create intuitively, connecting different forms and hues through the movement of mark-making. I have a deep and ingrained love of light and colour, solidified through a year-long illness in my childhood that caused me to lose my sight. Once recovered, I saw the world as brighter and more vibrant than before – a heightened sensory experience that I seek to recreate in each new work.
As a painter, I work impulsively, harnessing the power of gestures to create instinctive compositions that combine bold colours, dynamic marks and organic forms. Rather than using brushes or other traditional tools, I apply paint with scraps of plastic, like hotel-room key cards, or draw and scratch at the surface using the paint tube itself. The fine edges of my tools allow me to draw long, penetrating lines and create large, highly saturated fields of colour.
I often integrate extra materials into my work to create a relief effect, stitching extra pieces of canvas onto the surface or incorporating sections of paper with paint or glue. These different materials allow for varying levels of colour and saturation.

About Heather Chontos

Heather Chontos has been exhibiting her work for some twenty years. She’s recently had exhibitions at New York’s Voltz Clarke Gallery; Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, New Jersey; Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy; and the New York Public Library. Her work has been featured in publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Briti...

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