Hector Frank

Hector Frank Sees Your Inner Life

United States

“What inspires me is us human beings, with all the strengths and emotions that we bring inside and that we do not always exteriorize but that give us away in our behavior, in our looks.”

Havana artist Hector Frank is entirely self-taught—making his résumé, which boasts exhibitions all over the globe, that much more inspiring. An electrical engineer, Frank creates evocative, elegant portraits of mysterious figures. While they might at first seem guarded or even expressionless, they invite us to linger, studying their faces, which ultimately hint at diverse personalities. Does this one’s fearful heart betray her? Is that one staring a bit too directly? Is that one holding back a laugh? Over time, they may even come to seem like old friends whose emotions we can detect at a glance.

Photo: Christina Arza