United States

JPW3 examines man’s quest for energy

“The toxic orange in my submission for Absolut Art references the explosive power of coal, and the haze left in its wake.”

JPW3 works in painting and sculpture to examine the chaotic crossroads of culture and the human experience. He creates lush and textured surfaces with a variety of materials, including densely applied wax, popcorn, sage and automotive parts. Colourful, and sometimes crude, each layer of his work represents an artist who actively engages with his work. His work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe at galleries such as Night Gallery in Los Angeles, Michael Jon Gallery in Miami and Galerie Nagel Draxler in Cologne and Berlin.
For Absolut Art, JPW3 pays homage to an old breaker tower in his hometown of Eckley, Pennsylvania. The structure was once a place where young workers extracted anthracite coal, and represents man’s quest for energy.