Wu-Tang Clan in a cartoon world

United States

“Painting as an act of defiance”

You may have seen LilKool’s designs when you’ve been shopping at Warby Parker or Rag and Bone; you might have seen his cartoon world videos accompanying an Apple Beats One Radio playlist created by New York rapper Princess Nokia, or his digital graphic art story created for Nike about the characters Dottie Do-Right and Lesley the Lurker. His bright, graphic, cartoonish characters, sometimes human-animal hybrids, occupy a psychedelic world (one of the apparitions in one of his works even has “420” stamped on his forehead), sometimes in happy little homes, sometimes facing down white-gloved hands pointing six-shooters at them.

Born in Dallas and now living in New York, Lilkool creates paintings, illustrations, murals, and photography, among other formats. He’s had solo exhibitions at the Spring Break art fair in New York, Fisk Gallery in Portland, Oregon, and at Los Angeles’s Superchief Gallery. He’s also appeared in group shows in several New York venues, including Jeffrey Deitch.