Makeba KEEBS Rainey

Re-envisioning ancestors through new media

United States

“Uplifting contributions to global Black Culture”

Building community through art; that’s Harlem based artist Makeba’s key focus. Her bright and inspired work explores social justice elements of Black Liberation movements, merging the old with the new by re-envisioning ancestors through new media. In a unique process of cutting, layering and building new forms from original photographs, Makeba asks us to look at contemporary and historical icons from a different angle; to recognize their inherent potential and contribution to Black culture. As she re-imagines President Obama and Malcolm X in African wax prints, she reconnects them to the continent.

Harlem is not only home for Makeba, but the foundation of her creative process. She works to honor the rich history of her home, where she regularly exhibits her art in its authentic context.