Facing The Light

24" x 31"
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$ 395

  • Black frame($ 524)
  • White frame($ 524)
  • No frame($ 395)

$ 395

  • Price with Black frame: $ 524
  • Price with White frame: $ 524
  • Price with no frame: $ 395
Frame: No frame
No frame ($ 395)

About the artwork

I took this photo as part of a personal project. We were going to submit the photos to a magazine but didn’t know which magazine yet. We had some ideas and wanted to shoot and figure out the venue later. I chose this photo because I’m immediately drawn to the skin, and I love how the shape of the light intersects the body and how, without the face, the body becomes a series of shapes. The head becomes an oval, the body dips down into a V, the arms bend at angles intersecting the light, and the leg provides a heavy base, grounding the whole thing. We chose jewelry that we felt would support the clean, angular approach. Overall, I think it’s successful because, since she’s facing away from us, she becomes anonymous. She can become a symbol for something or can just be an appreciation of shape.

About Manolo Campion

Born in Chicago, Manolo was raised on the move between the U.S. and Latin America. Growing up in an artistic household, his creative endeavors were encouraged from a young age. Manolo studied photography at The Pasadena Art Center College of Design. Since graduating he has established himself as an in-demand fashion ph...

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