Combining luxury with painting the town


“I wanted to explore how people in a posh upper class residential neighborhood reacted on street art that they also could relate to”

What’s your work about?
Fast, dirty, genuine! Graffiti to me is about being able to paint quick on challenging places. This is also something that I have with me when I paint canvases. Finesse is not for me.

What inspires you?
I don’t get inspired by any particular person. I am inspired by my own double life where I combine luxury with my painting on the town. I like the contrast between the good life and the dirty from the graffiti culture. A dirty smeared wall in an otherwise fine and luxurious area is the best there ever is!

Why have you chosen to live and work in Stockholm?
Because Stockholm needs me!

A bit about Oliw87
Started with graffiti in the early 2000s. Then I mostly focused on painting trains and walls and bomb! Today I combine graffiti with street art and paintings. I am very dedicated and I am here to take over the art scene!