Ruvan Wijesooriya

United States

“I’m motivated by an ongoing study of beauty and the feminine”

Self-taught photographyer Ruvan Wijesooriya takes an approach to his medium that explores, as he describes it, a universal and nostalgic visual language to depict the world around us.

He has exhibited his work at major events and arts venues internationally as well as working directly with world-class architects. Among his recent projects are an exhibition of his photos at the Guinness Brewery; a light installation at the launch of Virgin North America’s San Francisco hotel; a mutlimedia presentation at the World Perfumery Congress; and, for several years, a Valentine’s Day presentation of his photographs in a major New York subway station. He has also worked with architects such as Richard Meier and Renzo Piano, and sold works to to the renowned artist Ed Ruscha and major international brands like Apple.

Wijesooriya has had solo gallery shows at venues like Galerie Rouge 58, Paris, and been included in group shows at the Foam Museum, in Amsterdam, among others. Mondial Press, Twenty Four Suns, and PowerHouse Books have published his work.

Born in Minnesota and now living in New York, Wijesooriya studied sociology and gender studies at Lewis and Clark University in Portland, Oregon, and launched a skateboard brand before becoming a photographer.