Sarah Meyohas

United States

A specular relation

“Exploring reflection as a metaphor for value”

Sarah Meyohas is lauded for her poignant commentary on the state of our world; for her loud and artful statements on humanity, economic systems and the future of this earth. Her multimedia exhibition Cloud of Petals explored artificial intelligence, while her cryptocurrency exploration Bitchcoin delved into power and communication. You’ll have seen her musings and her works everywhere from The New York Times to PBS to Forbes, questioning the very nature of accepted systems.

As one of the two participating artists in the TimesTalks & 20th Anniversary Festival Collection, Sarah presents pieces from her Speculations series. Here, she explores reflection as a metaphor for value. Photographs of a pair of mirrors reflecting each other represent “a specular relation”, colored with neon, flowers and brushed pink. As light bounces between the two planes, her work begs the question: what’s the direction of the reflection?

Photo credit: Charlie Rubin