Gamma Pegasi

19.7" x 27.6"
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$ 350

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About the artwork

The concept for these drawings originated from a series of works based exclusively around fountains and light displays, but has grown to encompass a much broader range of influences.

With suggestions from remembered past objects and artefacts, places traveled and sites visited, the works are built up from a geometrical framework with its roots in classical architecture and the laws of physics.

From this structure the works are allowed to develop unconsciously, building up layers of colour and form, allowing multiple layers of the same image to be a visible memory on the page.

No two days are emotionally the same, and the drawings are a reflection of these subtle daily shifts.
The smaller drawings are time-based works and usually begin and end in a single focused session. Rarely are they returned to, each one being unplanned and allowed to evolve on the paper with their own unique, spontaneous narrative.

The larger works are developed over a series of days or weeks. But with each return to the image there is the necessity to approach the work afresh, discarding and letting go of the previous version’s successes and failures, using it merely as a framework to hang the current day’s expression upon.

These works are created with a combination of water-soluble wax pastels, watercolour pencils and occasionally graphite, on a heavyweight cartridge paper.

About Tom Shedden

Tom Shedden was born and raised in London. Growing up in the shadow of Crystal Palace, the 1851 exhibition hall, as a child, Shedden lived with a Victorian fantasy landscape, a place of manicured gardens inhabited by concrete sphinxes and dinosaurs, on his doorstep. Having Canadian and Australian parents meant he has t...

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