Strolling Astronomer

23.6" x 31.5"
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$ 495

  • Black frame($ 624)
  • White frame($ 624)
  • No frame($ 495)

$ 495

  • Price with Black frame: $ 624
  • Price with White frame: $ 624
  • Price with no frame: $ 495
Frame: No frame
No frame ($ 495)

About the artwork

The title of this work came from a song by Fu Manchu, a California stoner rock band. I like the pairing of the words, since strolling implies a casual activity, colliding with the more serious activity of a scientist.

This work was produced on a residency in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, organized by The Jaunt, in Copenhagen. I made thirty-five sculptures, which took the form of shaped plywood figurines. They were based on carnival prizes, as well as on handpainted signs by untrained artists that you see in places like Africa.

I like elements of a painting almost being like items on a menu or things for sale, so that they put the viewer in the mode of making a choice. For example, there’s a window at the bottom right which could be read as a flat shape or as a little hole poked into the picture plane. Then, of course, the rippling forms are like the ocean you see at the resort town.

About William LaChance

Just in the last few years, St. Louis-based artist William LaChance has exhibited his paintings internationally, from New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery to Melbourne, Australia’s Junior Space Gallery, not to mention Galerie 42b in Paris. In 2018, art gallery Beers London mounted a solo presentation of his work at the high...

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