Absolut Cooling

By Britta Thie

40 x 50 cm
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Absolut Cooling

Absolut Cooling

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Absolut Cooling by Britta Thie

About Britta Thie

Meet the artist

Britta Thie

Get to know Britta Thie

Britta is a model on a mission

“My work for Absolut Art is essentially a campaign, advertising survival skills that also act as a guide to self­commodification.”

Born in Minden, Britta Thie is a Berlin-based artist that explores the relationship between self and digital representation. This interest is motivated by her experience working as a fashion model for brands like Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander– one where Thie faced constant rejection because her appearance did not fit within a brand’s aesthetic. She then channels this experience and uses her body to examine the meaning of the human anatomy in a product­driven society. For Absolut Art, Thie has created a series of six photographs called “The Emotional Mobility Editorial”, modelled by herself, styled by Julia Burlingham and shot by fashion photographer Kerstin Zu Pan.