By John Knuth

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Sandbagged by John Knuth

Art in the wild


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About John Knuth

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John finds beauty in calamity

“My work entails an unusual number of ingredients, often found in the natural world and disaster survival kits.”

John Knuth is an artist without pretense, with a childhood that involved catching snakes and looking at Andy Warhol books. His art captures the beauty of chaos and panic, as he uses materials from disaster kits such as signal flares, fire, smoke and emergency blankets. Knuth has also lived in Los Angeles for 15 years, and is fascinated how people and materials are manipulated in such extreme ways that the end result is often transcendent and poetic. He has exhibited in Brand New Gallery
 in Milan, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery in Copenhagen and The Armory Center for the Arts in Los Angeles. Knuth’s submission for Absolut Art features a sandbag sculpture created at the edge of a beach at low-tide. The winding shape of the sculpture alludes to the form of a snake, which is a recurring motif in Knuth’s work.