Black Friday Art Deal

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Jump-start your holiday shopping? Spruce up your home for your holiday parties? Done, and done! With 20% off, choose from artworks that will impress without breaking the bank.

Shop with code "BF16" for 20% discount!

Hopefully you’re happily stuffed and enjoying some well deserved time lounging at home: does what you see on your walls make you smile? Or could your home benefit from a little pick-me-up for all the holiday entertaining you’ll be doing? And how about snapping up some perfect presents for the holiday season?

We’re here for you! After 30 years of collaborating with greats like Andy Warhol, we’re now on a mission to help you upgrade your walls with contemporary art by artists from around the world.

We visited cities like New York, Berlin, Stockholm, and Los Angeles to handpick artworks by established and emerging artists for you to collect. Choose from over 200 curated limited-edition artworks, each one signed and numbered by the artist.

We’ll deliver them straight to your door, framed and ready to enjoy. Can’t decide what which artwork to choose for a present? Gift a gift card, also beautifully wrapped and speedily delivered.


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  1. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    Work of choice

    From $ 50
  2. Serpent bags
  3. Sandbagged
  4. Pearl Necklace
  5. Untitled (#2)
  6. Untitled (#1)
  7. That Witch Can't Be Stopped
  8. Dreamed So much (absolut no.2)
  9. Dreamed So much (absolut no.1)
  10. Mass Murder - Piano
  11. Eckley O
  12. Untitled (Absolut Glasses_2)
  13. Untitled Painting in Cerulean
  14. Still Life
  15. 13
  16. Escape
  17. Cityfolk
  18. Famous Blue Raincoat
  19. Life code
  20. K.I.S.S.
  21. Line Gesture (2)
  22. Line Gesture (1)
  23. Edition of Red and Magenta Work
  24. Edition of Red, Cyan and Yellow Work
  25. It's So Important to Seem Wonderful Part II Frame #10779
  27. Version, Silent Sneeze I, Composite (Sublet Live/ Work)
  28. Cacti 3
  29. Leibniz Cocktail Conjecture (110)
  30. Leibniz Cocktail Conjecture (39)
  31. Tis The Djinns Wild Streaming Swarm
  32. Minor Roads I
  33. Interns2
  34. We Like Fire and We Don't Mind if it Smokes
  35. I Want to Tell about Fire
  36. Edition of Red and Cyan Work
  37. Portuguese Shoe Game
  38. Hypnosis II
  39. This Woman Is Not Who She Seems to Be
  40. This Is the Person I Was Telling You About
  41. pr20151007-MEMBG-225
  42. Melt
  43. Balance
  44. Chorus girl folding self in half
  45. WWSS Moskva
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